Windsor and Essex County

Windsor and Essex County

Windsor-Essex is an exceptional community known for achieving far beyond expectations. People and companies are drawn to the harmony across our region.  A harmony that is fed by technology and innovations that allow us to achieve, assist, and help in building a prosperous future.

What’s widely known about Windsor-Essex is this:

we are located at the apex of North America’s most integrated transportation network;

  • we are a hub for all major North American markets;
  • we are home to some of the world’s most prominent brands including Caesar’s, Heinz, Chrysler, and Canadian Club;
  • the Windsor-Detroit border is host to over $500 Million of US trade each day, making it one of the richest border crossings in the world;
  • per capita, we are the most culturally diverse region in Canada, a nation that celebrates its diversity;
  • we are globally recognized for our manufacturing and engineering capabilities (and have been for decades); and
  • we were once the gateway to freedom for the Underground Railway.

What’s uncommon about Windsor-Essex is the resolve of the people and corporations that choose to reside here.  A resolve to help, to serve others. Here we live by each other’s happiness. There’s a belief out there that says if you think too much, you feel too little, but in Windsor-Essex, these two walk hand in hand.

We know that the more we think, innovate, create. The more we feel, give back, and support. Our institutions including our hospitals, university, and college all share a common mandate – to improve the human condition.

Our government is business friendly because we know they can blaze new trails – and corporations in Windsor-Essex are trail blazers, of that there is no doubt.

Those who aren’t aware of who and what we are may ask “Why Windsor-Essex?”   Those in the know, ask “Why not?”

Source: The Windsor Essex County Development Commision